Sometimes not understanding is funnier than a joke

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Thankfully, my husband has always been a man with a lot of patience, willing to explain punch lines. As a young newlywed, I was innocent. Mom never delivered “the talk” and only asked if there was anything I wanted to know on my wedding day. By that time, I pretty much had it figured out.

Punch lines

However, without the vocabulary, I often found myself at a disadvantage. There was no problem in the bedroom, but I did struggle finding the humor in the punch line of adult jokes.

My husband always took time to explain what I did not understand. Once…

I am thankful for GPS and Google Maps

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Our daughters claim they never heard us argue when they were children — unless we were traveling. I remember those days. Randy would be driving the 32-foot motorhome and I would navigate, or at least trying to because, as some of you know, I am directionally challenged. Maps and I don’t get a long very well. These were the days before GPS and Google Maps. The only person telling my husband were to go was me and sometimes it wasn’t in a sweet voice like Alexa.

Does anyone else have to hold the map so it aligns with the direction…


How to create a positive experience

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Listen up! This is something humans need to know. Us dogs need space. That’s right, you think putting us on a leash, escorting us to a rock and pausing is enough to activate our bowels. You should know it doesn’t work that way. It takes time and sometimes a little ritual.

I’ve watched my humans each morning. Dad drinks a cup of coffee and disappears behind the door for a few moments to do his deed. Every morning like clockwork. He has a system. Mom is more sporadic so when her time arrives, time is of the essence. However, nobody…

They said it can’t be done

I have always wanted a BMW but they are a little out of our price range, at least the ones I keep eyeing. Then I saw the cutest little car, a Mini Cooper. My husband’s eyebrows arched with concern at the size. However, we are elderly, and people seem to shrink with age, and we own a Yorkie so we would fit perfectly. I flashed a pleading glance at him, an old lady sexy look, and a pouty smile. It still works at 60.

So, he started investigating. Imagine how excited I was to learn Mini Coopers are made by…

She Fits Perfectly in Our Family

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I’ve been thinking about getting rubber soled shoes for our dog. Something to slow her down when she slams through the doggie door at the back of the house when she hears a dog in the front. Actually, I don’t know is she sees, smells, or hears the intruder on the sidewalk because my senses do not alert me to the presence of the four-legged friends, but she always knows. After charging at full speed into the house, she slides on the wood floors barely maneuvering the corner before making it to the back bedroom window. This is where the…

As long as we keep writing we breathe life

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Every writers’ dream begins differently. Even though the names of the main characters differ as much as the motivations that drive the action, they all share a basic desire. They all want success. Writers’ and their characters crave to star in a bestseller.

Novelists want to create infamous characters who stand the test of time, come alive on the page, and walk the novel to the top of the bestseller list. Though a writer’s name may never appear in the rising action, her spirit infiltrates the movement. …

An analogy to explain writing

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Most people learn from analogies. Comparisons strengthen understanding; thus, application occurs. The process of baking cookies and the process of writing form a natural analogy. One that easily demonstrates the importance of the writing process. Most individuals are familiar with baking cookies, or at least eating them, so this comparison clarifies the value of a process to a beginning writer.

Similarities exist in the process of following a recipe for cookies with that of moving through the stages of writing. Each should lead to a palatable outcome; one that can be savored, enjoyed, and celebrated.

Prewrite: check supplies and gather ingredients

Products do not miraculously appear…

Learning what is important in life

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When I was young and still believed in unicorns, I thought buying presents was a way to say I care. Isn’t that what the commercials want us to think?

Care enough to give the very best.

So with my husband’s birthday approaching, I desired to find the perfect present. My husband loved golf and had mentioned several times that he needed a new golf bag. Being the attentive wife, I gathered all the hints he randomly dropped and began researching the perfect product. Since I didn’t play golf, my first act was to talk with his friends to determine the…

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