Why does the road curve in the desert?

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Traveling, visiting landmarks and eating cuisine of new regions ignites my senses. However, getting to the destination tests my patience. During the hours of driving, my interest wanes requiring me to get creative to stay awake. First up is the alphabet game. Once each letter has been spotted on road signs, I begin to find a license plate from every state in the union. Then I torment my husband by exclaiming, “I spy!” and describing some obscure item. …

Learn to make a big splash by marketing to the ideal audience

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Water intimidates me. Going to the lake means I will strategically position an umbrella and a blanket several yards from the water while I lounge on a sandy beach and watch others splash around in the murky pools of the unknown. I am a human not a fish.

Promoting my writing provides the same trepidation. Sitting in front of a computer in my padded office chair with music serenading my meditation while words flow onto the paper provides comfort. I am a writer not a marketer.

However, just as the time eventually arrives that the blazing sun forces me into…

There is a thin line between tears of sorrow and tears of joy

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I remember when my mother passed away. After the tears from the initial shock, our family sat in the living room and shared memories. We talked about her love and compassion towards other. The lessons she taught us about honesty. Then we started sharing memories that made us smile and eventually each of us began to relax and tell stories that made us laugh.

  • Once when driving down the freeway, she stopped the car because a strange creature was roaming in the middle of the road. …

Spontaneity sometimes needs prompts

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The most satisfying humor comes unexpectedly. Think about those times you laughed uncontrollably. The harder you attempted to stop, the more you giggled until a healthy belly guffaw escaped. Though some people deny it, most of us have laughed so hard we’ve peed a little. Ever wonder why? When your body is consumed in laughter, the muscles relax — all of them.

The positive effects of laughter are documented by research, but sometimes life gets busy. On those days, when I find myself consumed by tasks, worries, and goals, I forget to enjoy the moment. During these times, I see…

How to use effective transitions to improve writing

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In writing, a transition serves the purpose of creating a smooth and easy to follow exchange in ideas. Their addition to writing increases understanding as well as the pleasure of reading. Think of a transition as a bridge linking ideas. Without transitions in writing, the reader is required to leap from one idea to the next and can then fall into the chasm of misunderstanding.

Transitions create links

They can be placed between parts of sentences, connect sentences together and attach paragraphs. Notice how one word unifies the following four sentences.


The three-year-old girl swam and giggled as she played in the wading…

Writing first must lead to self-discovery, and only then will others follow

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As a youth, I would lay sprawled on my bed writing to express my thoughts. I collected inspiration in a spiral notebook. I copied poems from books, ripped inspirational quotes from magazines, and pilfered clever sayings from friends. I glued notes that were passed between classes onto the lined papers, cut out handwritten comments from birthday cards, and highlighted phrases that made me smile. In the ‘70s, specialty stores sold 3.5x2” cards with motivational sayings and words of wisdom that fit in the empty spaces of my notebook.

The final product reflected my thoughts and emotions of the time. I…

Strategies to sprinkle interest into your writing

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Writers who allow me to visit the setting of the story captivate my attention. I love to experience a new place through the words of a gifted writer who provides details that arouse my senses. They inspire my desire to continue reading. The ability to describe an environment requires a writer to share the smells, tastes, sights, sounds and feelings through their attention to detail.

Have you ever smelled an aroma that escorted you back in time? Have you ever heard a song that sparked a memory from the past?

The smell of cinnamon carries me to Mom’s kitchen where…

Resources to increase reads

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Yes, this is another one of those articles but with a new twist. Every time I see a title that promises to increase my readership, I pause and skim the contents because isn’t that what we all want? More readers. We don’t sit and talk to the wall, at least most of us don’t, and we don’t want to publish our writing just to take up space on the internet.

These are common ideas to catch readers’ interest

The ideas below are discussed on Medium repeatedly in numerous articles. After spending hours searching and reading, I am sharing articles, with hyperlinks, that have been valuable to my writing…

Without compassion, reading, writing, and arithmetic lose value

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Video accessed from YouTube. Also available free and encouraged to use by Operation Respect

With school beginning soon, teachers are preparing lesson plans and developing worksheets. Generally, the focus is on subject information but with the turbulent times, youth are feeling an increase of stress in daily life activities. Most didn’t attend fulltime, in-person classes last year so the idea of leaving the comfort of home and entering a larger, unknown environment can be intimidating. Parents, educators, and adults who support the emotional wellness of our kids will find benefits in the investment of time — investment in youth.


Shameless Self-Promotion

Lockers Speak: Voices of America’s Youth

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Today is the one month anniversary of the release of Lockers Speak. If you have not yet purchased a copy, read the compelling list of reasons to order your book today on Amazon.

It has less calories than the two mochas and costs less.

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