A home without a pet contains empty spaces

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Masks do not leave scars; people do

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Protests can be good until they harm the children or promote mob mentality

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How to promote positive decision making

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“If your friend jumped off a bridge would you too?”

Parents ask this question of kids who have made bad decisions. Of course, the response is usually, “No.”

Voices of America’s Youth

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As she walks by locker 623, she notices the door is hanging open. With the palm of her hand, she reaches out to push it shut and continues walking. Metal hits metal causing the door to swing back open without the familiar click that acknowledges it has latched. Upon closer…

The changes are disheartening

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A world where Denny’s is seen as the best option is frightful

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Age requires I eat less, so vitamins are important to stay healthy

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Five people sharing from different perspectives

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Levi Klipp

Yeah, sure,
school’s important
That doesn’t mean it should control my life

The positives in life create happiness

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Brenda Mahler

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