The question: How can we see the island, save money, and create our own positive experience?

We sat in the timeshare wondering where to begin. The days laid before us as opportunities but where to start befuddled our minds. My husband and I have traveled extensively but never to Hawaii. We knew we wanted to explore the island but didn’t know where to start.

My strategy…

Protests can be good until they harm the children or promote mob mentality

National Walk and Bike to School Day supports physical activity and healthy choices. However, it became much more when parents in one California community walked their children to school wearing masks.

A group of parents gathered with signs protesting masks and yelled intimidating comments at the families causing more harm…

How to promote positive decision making

“If your friend jumped off a bridge would you too?”

Parents ask this question of kids who have made bad decisions. Of course, the response is usually, “No.”

Unfortunately, teenagers do make bad decisions that adults usually blame on peer pressure or lack of maturity. Both reasons may be true, but did you know teenagers’ brains are still developing?


Brenda Mahler

Real life person sharing real life stories. Let me introduce myself.

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