A home without a pet contains empty spaces

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Don’t tell me it’s not personal

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“Both a sneeze and a cough have one goal in mind…

Learning to overcome the fear of the unknown

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Vignettes of life

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Hands of acceptance

Poems from two points of view

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Kayla Laird Speaks

Tiffany Summers Speaks

How Linktree enhances reads on social media

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Words from teens provide insight and wisdom

How to promote positive decision making

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“If your friend jumped off a bridge would you too?”

“Not long ago, scientists thought the human brain was fully mature long…

Finding identity without losing the ones you love

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Change your name to attract readers

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Brenda Mahler

Real life person sharing real life stories. Let me introduce myself. https://medium.com/about-me-stories/about-me-brenda-mahler-63766346b05a

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